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Friday, November 27, 2015

how to track a phone

How to track a phone

We work in different institutions in the same work, but my colleague is paid differently", says Volker behrends Hude of the nonprofit society for joint social work (GPS) Wilhelmshaven together.

The termination of the collective agreement in 2002 has different wage levels in the social setting has caused.

Equitable remuneration was under collective agreement the goal of participants of works meeting the GPS Wilhelmshaven on Tuesday afternoon at the B├╝rgerhaus of Schortens. Nearly 250 people came together to call attention to the problem of different remuneration. Michael Streicher has come on the cat. Now six years throughout the schurrenden dogs, the veterinarian devoted in his practice in Oberursel (Hochtaunus). Here examined, x-rayed, or surgery. Long ago the veterinarian is in the entire Rhine-Main region and even beyond a recognized specialist.
"And if anything is missing from the cat, the cat is missing plain and simply include it." We have calls and emails from people who miss your pet, daily told the 41-year-old. No wonder, then, that strings of this problem has taken on.

track a cell phone

Together with two acquaintances - an engineer and a physicist - the physician has developed a collar with integrated battery and GPS transmitters. "So you can watch at any time, where the cat is.
The two black boxes on the elastic belt seem at first glance although somewhat clunky. Much filigree you don't get out but the transmitter according to the current state of technology, the developer explains. Considerations, to implant a tracking chip the animal, have been shown to unfortunately as yet cannot be implemented. But even so the "GP"cat should be not further disturbing. On its own, by no means insensitive cats two strings have tested the band in the past few months. His conclusion: Everything worked great.
After all, a normal House cat in the vagrancy covers a radius of two to three kilometers, alters quadruped to make it even on up to 30 kilometers.
With the tracking device and a corresponding mobile app, master or mistress can sneak well at least virtually behind their Velvet paws on the discovery tour. The collar will save the cat before an accident, but they are found perhaps in time, to help her. Otherwise, it simply calms the nerves of the concerned holder. Meanwhile, the development phase is completed. Five to seven meters exactly the transmitter to can show therefore current location. A safety Cap also opens the tape, if the cat it should be caught. With a call to Facebook, the three developers on the fundraising platform now search for donors. 40,000 euro will come together by smaller and larger donations until mid-December. In return, investors receive prototypes of the copy. We need the money to make produce initially 1,000 collars.

phone locator

All goes well, hopes the cat doctor with an official launch in March. The band will then cost between 59 and 69 EUR. At least in the first year, including the tracking fees should be covered. We must all live not, rather, it is an affair of the heart for me. Comparable competing products are often more expensive. Are the 40,000 euro is not reached, the donors by the way get their money back. So up on the collar is not for naught.